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Comic Books Join for Justice

In my experience, comic books have been held by most at a lesser value than novels or nonfiction works. This is absurd! Comic books and graphic novels create a piece that draws in the reader in a completely different manner, but can still teach the audience great things. This article discusses several comic book shops in Chicago that are thriving off of one another’s existence, as opposed to disappearing because of it. They’re even located quite close to one another. I assume the customers enjoy searching for great finds throughout all the shops, looking for that one rare issue that’s missing from their collection. I know I’ve only ever found one comic book store close enough for me to venture, but after I purchased the initial comics I didn’t already have, it didn’t have anything left for me. Its restocking schedule was never up to par for my needs, so I can see needing to go to several different stores. I guess I just never thought that several of the same type of store could thrive so close to each other. Although, I imagine the different BYOB events help out. Who doesn’t like to drink wine while discussing your favorite books? I don’t know of another type of work that draws this kind of attention. Most regular book stores are large enough that they have what you’re looking for, or they can order it for you. Comic books are a different story. If you’re looking for the third issue of Wonder Woman, then you’re going to have to do some searching. Ultimately, by having so many stores in close proximity, these stores are keeping their town enriched with the supernatural powers of reading. After all, with great power, comes great responsibility.