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Classic Children’s Books as E-Books!


Random House Children’s Books president and publisher, Barbara Marcus, announced that on September 24 (so soon!) 15 of Dr. Seuss’s classic children novels will be published as e-books! This makes me very excited because as the digital age is greatly upon us, this could be a good way to help younger children begin reading and keep reading!  We all need to make sure that literacy rates continue to rise and this could be a great way to make sure that happens!


I am very excited for this new change with Dr. Seuss’s cherished books. His books have great messages and I even received Oh, The Places You’ll Go! as a college graduation gift from my parents and it just solidified the possibilities in the world for this generation. Now with his books as e-books, more and more generations will always be able to read these beloved books that my parents and grandparents read to me as a child and that I will, without a doubt, read to my own children one day.


– Courtney Carroll