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RH Children’s to Publish Seuss Classics as E-books


Long-time Dr. Seuss publisher Random House will begin selling the children’s classics in e-book format. Starting Sept. 24, the e-books will be available for $8.99 and $10.99, with the launch of 15 books including, “The Cat in the Hat,” “Green Eggs and Ham,” and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

Continuing through November, 41 e-books will be released in total. “Read and Listen” editions are available as well, which have “new audio recordings of the texts.”

Because so many toddlers and children are using iPads and similar devices, 52 percent of youngsters under 8, according to Digital Journal [], I wonder how this will further impact the use of technology by the younger generations, as they are seemingly steered away from hard print. And if they have the Read and Listen edition, they can engage with the text themselves, rather than have the story read to them, which may further “zoning out,” or being entranced with the device as they are using it. However, some professionals sum this up to the child concentrating.

Many believe iPads can be used as an educational tool, and having Dr. Seuss books readily available on the devices can help kids learn to read,

It will be interesting to see how reading Dr. Seuss, and similar classics, on an e-book will defer from reading the books in physical print.


2 thoughts on “RH Children’s to Publish Seuss Classics as E-books

  1. I posted about this article a few days before this and I agree (and mentioned in mine) that this is going to be an excellent way to keep literacy rates up within the younger generation and for generations to come. There will be differences between print and the e-book versions, but I think that the pictures will be just as vivid and since most children under the age of 10 already have access to an iPad, Kindle or Nook on a daily basis, this could be the best thing that has happened in children’s literature in a while.

  2. This is definitely a very interesting article! I think you make a good point about how publishing these classic children’s books as e-books could further steer children away from print versions. I wasn’t aware of the percentage of children using iPads, etc. so that is very interesting to think about. I wonder if parents will start to buy their children mostly e-books as more and more children’s books are published electronically. It seems likely that if children are accustomed to reading books electronically from a young age, they will continue to be more comfortable with electronic versions when they are older.

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