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Like dogs? This graphic novel got 2 paws up


I recently discovered that I very much enjoy graphic novels, so I’m glad I can share a link to one. This story looked cute, so I’m hoping I can find the book somewhere; the website is based in the United Kingdom, but the book is probably published in the U.S., too. Like more traditional literary works, graphic novels are reviewed, studied, and analyzed. They’ve also been selling off the racks. Especially over the past 13 years or so, their popularity has grown by leaps and bounds.


–Joel Dulin


2 thoughts on “Like dogs? This graphic novel got 2 paws up

  1. Hi Joel! I recently began reading the Walking Dead graphic novels and I must say, they’re growing on me! They’re much more than a “comic book” and I know many universities are actually implementing graphic novel courses to teach students how to analyze them as a “real” work of literature. That definitely makes me hopeful for that segment of publishing!

  2. Thanks for the link to my site, Joel. You can indeed buy Good Dog in the US – it’s published by Fantagraphics Books (, which is an American publisher of superb graphic novels. Check out their other titles while you’re at it! There are lots of Fantagraphics reviews on Grovel, too, at

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