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Classic Children’s Books as E-Books!



Random House Children’s Books president and publisher, Barbara Marcus, announced that on September 24 (so soon!) 15 of Dr. Seuss’s classic children novels will be published as e-books! This makes me very excited because as the digital age is greatly upon us, this could be a good way to help younger children begin reading and keep reading!  We all need to make sure that literacy rates continue to rise and this could be a great way to make sure that happens!


I am very excited for this new change with Dr. Seuss’s cherished books. His books have great messages and I even received Oh, The Places You’ll Go! as a college graduation gift from my parents and it just solidified the possibilities in the world for this generation. Now with his books as e-books, more and more generations will always be able to read these beloved books that my parents and grandparents read to me as a child and that I will, without a doubt, read to my own children one day.


– Courtney Carroll


3 thoughts on “Classic Children’s Books as E-Books!

  1. Reading this article also made me excited, as both of my middle school children love reading on their Nooks. My daughter, in fact, has a genetic eye disorder that makes it difficult to “track” while reading traditional books and digital publishing of the classic Dr. Suess books and others to follow, I am sure, will allow her to read a variety of classic books with ease.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s interesting and I’m happy to see any way in which we can keep kids interested in reading! Plus, as a child, I really liked the Dr. Seuss books, and like you, received “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” as a graduation gift.

  3. I think it’s great that they’re going to preserve the original layouts and images. That’s probably one of the most disconcerting factors of transitioning printed books to ebooks for me. Formatting and pagination is an art form that is being muddled by digital publishing. The images and visual layout of Dr. Seuss’ classics is what made them so appealing, aside from the rhymes and the lessons learned. Now that this generation of kids are learning to play with smartphones and tablets so early, it’s great to use these devices as an advantage to share personal childhood favorites with your little ones.

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